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Now Seeking Volunteers!

We are seeking international volunteers to support our NGO!

We are very excited about our project, as we are able to offer educational and recreational opportunities to young adults who have been denied access to mainstream schools because of their learning difficulties. We operate a day center for young people (ages 5-18) with learning disabilities. 

Volunteers will be supporting teachers and health care aides in teaching basic skills to our students. This will include academics (literacy and numeracy), life skills and leisure activities. Volunteers will be expected to engage with children in all aspects of their day, including helping with mealtimes and accompanying students and staff on outings. We are also anxious for our volunteers to teach new skills to our students; can you help them practice yoga or teach them to play a musical instrument?

Volunteers will be asked to work approximately 30 hours per week. We are very flexible with this, as we want you to have plenty of time to enjoy the country.  There are many things to see in Ghana and it is a unique, safe and spectacular place to visit. We encourage volunteers to explore.

You will have a room either at the main centre or in a private house nearby, depending on the number of volunteers at the time of your stay. We can provide access to a computer if you choose to not bring your laptop.

Our project aims to enhance the quality of lives of children and young people through a structured intervention and advocacy programme that offers opportunity for development. Working closely in line with National, Governmental and International Organisations, NGO's and Volunteers, the programme aims to empower children and young people achieve their potential in life. For more information, please contact us.


Adenta, Accra, Ghana (West Africa)

About Ghana

We welcome all volunteers to the Land of Sunshine, a nation with the reputation as the friendliest in Africa!
Described as a heaven that combines the charm of tropical beaches and lush jungle idyll with a fascinating historical heritage, rich in cultural variety and interesting wildlife within our national parks.  Ghana provides a unique experience for volunteers to feel and taste life in tropical Africa. Ghana is a former British Colony known as the 'Gold Coast'. Volunteers will have the opportunity to meet their peers, learn about the Ghanaian Culture and discover its blend of African traditions and British influence. An English speaking country, Ghana is politically safe and stable, hence it offers a rewarding "introduction" to the vast continent of Africa.

Volunteer Assistance Needed

·         Teaching basic subjects

·         Language practise

·         Skills training

·         Art projects

·         Speech therapy

·         Clinical psychology

·         Proposal/grant writing

·         Fundraising

·         House work/general maintenance

·         Child care



Our philosophy focuses on the young persons whole experience. The participants life is instructional in nature and is directed on teaching important skills in socialization, communication, coping, daily living, problem solving, personal relationships and healthy lifestyles.

Our educational philosophy is to promote the best possible academic, vocational, intellectual, personal and social development compatible with each young persons talents and capabilities.

Language(s) Spoken



Our Project Centre is a 10-bedroom house, with a beautiful yard, a large kitchen, dining areas and common room/lounge.


For General inquires, please use our Contact Us Page.

If you're ready to start to application process, please fill out the Volunteer Pre-Evaluation Form here.

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Youth Advocacy Programme, P.O. Box 2039, Adenta, Accra, Ghana | Tel: 00(233)-302-913-614, Mobile: 00 (233) 548258654