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Tasty Fresh

Vivian a fearless worker in the sourcing and supply of the raw materials necessary to provide the end product, delicious healthy nutritious fruit juice that help to support the centre, albeit in small amounts at the moment, but business is growing steadily as local business realise the benefits and cost incentives that “Tasty Fresh” can provide, Vivian brings her experience and skills to help the children of the centre

Tasty Fresh it is being consumed by several restaurants in the area, some large hotels as well as the largest University in the area are in discussions to with the view of stocking the juice in the near future.

The fruit is sourced from local growers chosen for quality and taste, bought and prepared for processing through the juicer and then bottled and labelled, and refrigerated for distribution.

The Process

Fruit is sourced from local growers and suppliers

Fruit is then prepared (washed, the outer skin or peel is removed where necessary) cut into manageable pieces for the extraction process.

Extraction takes place – the whole fruit is used, which processes the juice with all the vitamins and natural elements that give fresh juice its flavour and health benefits 

The juice is bottled and labelled and refrigerated for supply

Fresh wholesome juice arrives in convenient bottles to be sold and profits are re invested into the Centre.

Larger containers are also available for establishments that require larger amounts.




The Tasty fresh range includes four flavours 

Pure Pineapple

Just pure Pineapple juice

Pineapple & Hint of Ginger

Pure Pineapple with just enough Ginger to balance both flavours

Pure Orange

Just pure Orange juice

Dandelion & Hint of Pineapple

Dandelion juice mixed with just enough Pineapple to balance both flavours

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