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We aim:
  • To provide quality care, education and development;
  • To provide a place where children and young people can socialize, interact, engage and benefit from socialization with others;
  • To treat each child as an individual and actively combat the negative implications of disabled people in institutionalized care;
  • To advance each child to their full potential in all areas of their life; and
  • To implement the placement of each student in a vocation upon graduation.
Project Philosophy
Our philosophy is to treat all individuals with the respect and recognition they deserve and to lead by example within our community. Members of staff are appointed for their patience, empathy and professionalism.

YAP Ghana provides optional boarding in two-week intervals. Your child may live, eat and play with us, but we kindly require that children spend every other weekend at home with their families, when feasible. 
We have a 20-bed boarding house which provides three meals a day, snacks, bathing, household upkeep, full-time care and companionship. We have other premises available locally for expansion.

YAP Ghana provides a real classroom environment, five days a week. These sessions focus on basic literacy, mathematics, computing, social studies, science, outdoor recreation, exercise, social skills and music.  It is a time to learn, develop, play, engage, interact and have fun!
School Hours & Times
Open Monday - Friday
8:30am - 3:00pm
Daycare provisions can be extended beyond 3:00pm, however, parents are strongly advised to pick up their children no later than 5:00pm
For information on tuition and boarding costs or for any other general inquiries, please contact us.

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Youth Advocacy Programme, P.O. Box 2039, Adenta, Accra, Ghana | Tel: 00(233)-302-913-614, Mobile: 00 (233) 548258654