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The Centre for Children with Learning Disabilities - Youth Advocacy Programme Ghana (YAP Ghana), is an NGO located at Adenta in Accra, Ghana. YAP Ghana is dedicated to serving the developmental needs and the care of children and young people with learning disabilities and special needs.

YAP Ghana offers care and rehabilitative services in a modern, unique and stimulating setting. Our programme is highly structured and rehabilitative, with emphasis on independent living within a home-like, therapeutic environment.  It aims to equip vulnerable young people with learning difficulties and other physical disabilities with the educational, vocational and life-skills needed to develop sustainable livelihood in their communities.  Thus, our project focuses on the individuals’ whole experience. We also concentrate on recreation, exercise and developing vital skills, such as socialization, communication, coping, daily living, problem solving and personal relationships.

The school operates Monday through Friday. Boarding facilities are also available.

Ultimately, we aim to provide an exceptional self-development opportunity, specifically to those who have been denied access to mainstream education because of differing levels of disability. Hence, our project is a bold attempt to address the issue of social exclusion in the area of disability in Ghana.



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Youth Advocacy Programme, P.O. Box 2039, Adenta, Accra, Ghana | Tel: 00(233)-302-913-614, Mobile: 00 (233) 548258654